Hana Group sets new UK trend and wins Gold !

Sushi Gourmet, run by Hana Group, has won the Food to Go category in the 2017 Quality Food Awards.
Sushi Gourmet was also awarded with the much coveted title of Overall Gold Winner of the entire competition after being singly picked out for its quality. A Gold Q Award is the ultimate accolade which is awarded to the one product or company that stands out from all other entries. It is selected from the winners of all the main categories and represents the ‘best of the best’.
Judges said, “Sushi has been available as food to go in supermarkets for several years, but this new trend is for counters where sushi is prepared fresh daily. This makes for a premium high-quality product that really delivers on customers’ expectation for food-to-go to start matching quality of restaurants.” The judges were blown away by the fresh, delicate flavours in this sushi selection, and the profuse praise included notes of “very high quality”, with “fabulous flavours, textures, and visual impact”.

Daily onsite preparation of sushi in a retail setting adds theatre for the consumer and enhances the story of quality food freshly made.

First to market Hana Group is the only group provider that does not use machines and prepares sushi in front of customers by hand ensuring better quality product than those made by industrial robots.


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